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TAKE YOUR VITAMIN D3 NOW!!! I take 5,000 IU's a day and watch this youtube youtube! DOCTOR SPEAKS OUT ON VITAMIN Dyoutube clip - Watch this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRmSV8OUzq0<><><> EPIDEMIC INFLUENZA AND VIT. DAll of the patients on my ward had been taking 2,000 units of vitamin D every day for several months or longer. Could that be the reason none of my patients caught the flu? I then contacted Professors Reinhold Vieth and Ed Giovannucci and told them of my observations. They immediately advised me to collect data from all the patients in the hospital on 2,000 units of vitamin D, not just the ones on my ward, to see if the results were statistically significant. It turns out that the observations on my ward alone were of borderline statistical significance and could have been due to chance alone. Administrators at our hospital agreed, and are still attempting to collect data from all the patients in the hospital on 2,000or more units of vitamin D at the time of the epidemic. Read entire article here:http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/51913.php<><><> America's H1N1 Expert Says Scientists Are Clueless About Immune System Reactions to Vaccinations for the H1N1 flu, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has admitted knowing nil about how human immunity responds to vaccinations, according an interview published by Bloomberg. Dr. Fauci's stunning admission came in response to questions raised by a study of 16,000 volunteers vaccinated against HIV with results alleged to be promising, but for reasons unknown. The unexpected outcome "tells us that we don't even know what the correlates of immunity are," Dr. Fauci said, referring to the measurable signs that a person has developed immunity to genetically-engineered surrogate viruses now used in the new flu vaccines."This is what honest intelligent vaccine critics have been saying all along," said Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard-trained emerging diseases expert that has condemned vaccinations as "outlandishly barbaric and horrific, with risks far worse than using blood-letting leeches." "Dr. Fauci's statement evidences the fraud and ignorance underlying vaccination programs in general," Dr. Horowitz said. "Fauci admits being clueless about the fundamentals of immunity operating bioenergetically or electro-genetically, not chemically, that vaccine proponents criminally neglect to prosper by poisoning people." Dr. Horowitz recommends vitamins C and D, and covalently-bonded silver hydrosols that safely electrocute viruses, parasites, and pathogenic bacteria, instead of using intoxicating vaccines and drugs that produce horrible side effects. He also recommends healthy lifestyles beyond hand-washing and mask-wearing. He says that alkalizing diets with good pH8 hydration can protect people completely against the flu and most chronic diseases. Government health "experts" leading "biopreparedness" campaigns, including Dr. Fauci, neglect these common sense, highly effective, low cost, no risk alternatives to deadly vaccinations. They exclusively promote flu vaccines "fast-tracked" for administration this fall; falsely claiming their safety and efficacy. "There's no possible way these "fast-track trials," lasting only six weeks, can assure safety," Dr. Horowitz warns. "Most vaccine injuries occur months, not weeks, following injection." In evidencing Dr. Fauci's fraud, Dr. Horowitz encourages everyone to discern author reliability. Fauci is the senior author of a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine that neglected important historical facts concerning the genetics of this novel H1N1 virus.(See: NEJM Vol. 361;3:225-229, July 16, 2009) Other authors in the same publication provided more thorough disclosures supporting Dr. Horowitz's claim that "laboratory sourced" outbreaks occurred in 1977 and probably by military experiment in 1976. "This H1N1 flu virus was also "laboratory sourced," Dr Horowitz says. It is clearly a combination of Asian bird, Mexican pig, and human corpse virus from the 1918 Spanish flu that vaccine-makers dug up despite protests by scientists worldwide." In Horowitz's view, Fauci is guilty of "gross criminal negligence" and "drug prostitution" with direction from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is material fact that the CIA, David Rockefeller, and associates in the Partnership for New York City (PNYC) including Co-Chairman Rupert Murdoch, news releases and dissemination of intelligence by Fauci's agency, the NIAID, and "biopreparedness" policies generally, for "national security" according to their own documents and the Washington Post. "Pro-vaccine propagandists, like Fauci, never openly discuss the risk of bioengineered "live" viruses for vaccines that might mutate further. The H1N1 vaccine's virus was designed to mutate easily for splicing together deadly genes. More recombination is assured as new mutants circulate through live-bodies worldwide," Dr. Horowitz said. "This is a compelling reason to stop vaccinating people immediately," Dr. Horowitz explains. "People need to wake up and reject these vaccinations. It's insane to advance this H1N1 vaccine program knowing the likelihood of creating worse pandemics, unless your intention is depopulation." Last week Dr. Horowitz sent the FBI an official AFFIDAVIT. Legal groups are using this Affidavit to petition courts for injunctions against the FDA and state health officials that are certifying the new flu vaccines" safety. Toxicology science proves otherwise. Dr. Horowitz's Affidavit provides several indicting disclosures regarding Dr. Fauci, including his close friendship with the infamous AIDS researcher Dr. Robert Gallo, credited for allegedly co-discovering HIV. Dr. Fauci is a co-patent holder on an ingredient used in the new vaccines for AIDS and H1N1 flu. The chemical is called interkeukin-2 (IL-2) and it is thought to boost cellular immunity. (See patent No. 5,696,079; Dec. 9, 1997) Fauci credits Gallo for his co-discoveries in the field advancing IL-2, the "immunologic enhancement" of vaccines and other "geneto-pharmaceuticals." This discovery is central to all gene therapies and the future of vaccines. The assignee on this patent is "The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health" that licensed IL-2 to CHIRON Corporation for use with other vaccine additives called "adjuvants." The Associated Press reported that Fauci received at least $45,072.82 in royalties when the government licensed IL-2 to CHIRON, the drug industry's major supplier of chemicals. The IL-2 adjuvant is formulated with other toxic chemicals including nonoxynol-9, a spermicide and HIV-killer linked to spontaneous abortions, and thimerosal, causing brain damage and widespread autism in children. Fauci, allegedly, donated his IL-2 royalties to charity to avoid conflict-of-interest charges. But he admitted it was his decision to withhold disclosures to patients and reporters researching IL-2 in the trials that he supervised. CHIRON Corporation makes the leading adjuvant for the H1N1 "swine flu" vaccine named "MF59." The product also contains a tremendously toxic "oil in water" immuno-poison called squalene. Substantial scientific evidence and US Congressional testimonies condemned squalene's link to Gulf War Syndrome following its use in anthrax vaccines. Squalene is even more concentrated in the H1N1 flu vaccines produced for sales overseas by the American-based Baxter Corporation. "I am aware that IL-2 is the "common denominator" among immune system functions, and can cause severe side effects," Dr. Horowitz wrote for FLUscam.com. Dr. Horowitz remains concerned that CHIRON may be adding IL-2 in is "proprietary" formula secreting this knowledge so that Fauci's conflicting interests, and close ties to leading drug industrialists, go unnoticed. In a recent study, IL-2 caused no benefit whatsoever stimulating the immune systems of 5,800 subjects at a cost of $85 million. CHIRON and taxpayers paid the tab. Yet, more money and time will be spent researching Fauci's co-discovery to advance next generation vaccines and "geneto-pharmaceuticals." Fauci's ignorance, knowing nil about the "correlates of immunity" affected by vaccine toxicity is unnerving.
Generation Rescue for children and adults of vaccine injuries Learn how Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey's Autism Organization is helping many children and adults recover from the injuries caused by vaccines: http://generationrescue.org
CLEANSING HERBS© Bedstraw (or Clevers), Horsetail (or Shavegrass), Stinging Nettle, Calendula, Yarrow, Pau D’ Arco, Plantain You can use one teaspoon of the mix per one cup of hot water, or you can make a pot of tea. It’s best to make a pot of tea and drink it all day, if it is your plan to cleanse your system. (One pot equals 4 cups) All of these herbs are safe to take over a long period of time without any toxic affect. (For a good cleansing you should use this mix for at least two weeks and longer for a complete cleanse with restorative effects to your organs.) These herbs will cleanse and help to restore the blood, kidneys, liver, pancreas, colon, gallbladder and hormonal system to a healthier condition. When you make a pot of tea save the herbs and use them to make an herb bath. To Prepare: Put this mix in a Ziploc baggie and store in a dark cool place. To use, Just make a cup or pot of very hot water and mix in one teaspoon of the herb mix for every 8 oz cup of hot water. Cover the cup or pot and let it set for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Strain the herb out of the water and drink. I like to make a pot when I’m cleansing it makes it easier to take the 4 cups a day needed to cleanse. Drink at least 4 cups a day for two weeks. Be sure you are eating healthy foods during this time. It will help your body heal from all the damage done over the years. CAUTION: If you are on medications it is best to start with only one cup of cleansing tea a day to start. Simply increase after 3 or more days to 1 ½ or 2 cups and so on until you have worked up to the 4 cups needed for an internal cleansing. If you feel you are not feeling well for any reason take a break from the tea for at least two weeks then try the program again following the same instructions. If you see your bowels are moving too much you will need to cut back on the amount of tea you are drinking. This tea will cleanse your bowels so drink extra water if your bowels become too runny and cut back on the amount of tea you are drinking. Be very cautious if you are using Coumadin to thin your blood, Coumadin is also used as a rat poison. If you feel any cramping in your legs stop the use of this tea for at least two weeks as above and start again at a slower pace To make an herb bath, just fill a pot with water and boil the used herbs for about 10 minutes. Strain out the herb and pour this herb water into a warm to hot bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. The water should cover up to at least your kidneys, but no higher. When you get out do not dry off, just rap up in a robe and lie down for 20 minutes up to an hour. Be sure not to stand up from a hot bath too quickly for risk of fainting. Hot bathing can change our blood pressure, so it is vital you pay close attention to what you are doing. A good plan, is a plan that you will stick with, so don’t over do it. Remember to take it easy and don’t be too hard on your self if you don’t get this down the first or second time. You will get it but only if you stick with it. If you are a person with faith in our heavenly Father, then trust Him to be with you as you move toward doing His will in taking care of the gift He has given you. Your life! We tend to think this life is an accident, but the truth is, this life is well planned out by your creator. He has a perfect plan for each of us if we will only listen to Him and pray. If we ask of Him, He is faithful to answer, and not just any old answer, but His perfect Will for our lives. 1, I like to start with the Scriptures with reading and prayer. You might want to meditate or something before you start this or any new health program. 2, In the mornings make a pot of herbal tea mix to drink all day, not forgetting to eat a good breakfast made up of grains, nuts, seeds and fruits, a lunch full of greens, nuts, seeds, sprouts, beans, legumes, etc. and a light fruity dinner. It's always better to eat the heavier foods during your working hours and a very light dinner such as fresh fruits, which digest very quickly. Add to this plenty of water all day long. Don’t exceed 10, 8oz cups though unless you have taught your body to accept it by slowly increasing your intake. And do not drink distilled water from a thin plastic bottle, as this will draw the formaldehyde from the container and into the water, which then is absorbed into your body, it's ok to drink distilled water from a thick and/or hard plastic bottle, but glass is always better. 3, Practice making different kinds of juices throughout the day, remember the more variety the healthier the diet. So Try every hour to make a different kind of juiced drink, i.e. Carrots with parsley, Greens with beets, onion, garlic and something to counter the taste of these two and so on. Be sure not to mix whole fruits with veggies it can cause a reaction in the stomach, which can make you feel nauseated. Fruits are easier to digest so whatever else you may have eaten with fruits, will sit and ferment while your stomach is dissolving the fruits first. You can make a fruit drink then alternate with a veggie drink next time and so on. It is not necessary to over do this step. Just do what you can and don’t worry if you are not doing it all. (Note: If you are very ill at the time you are using this information, it would be to your benefit to eat an all vegetable and fruit diet until you are completely healed. There are some simple meals you can make and today you can go to a Whole Foods store [or go to: http://nicolette.wholefoodsfarmacy.com, this site is for raw compressed foods only, very healthy you just nibble on it.] and find such a huge verity of vegetarian meals. If you suffer with an ulcer then you should be eating soft light foods, no acidy foods at all also they should be completely bland no spices at all. Pure baby foods are the best. Also if you have had surgery where your gallbladder or other digestive organs have been removed it would be best for you to drink only one cup of tea a day and work your way up to 4 cups of tea a day.) Keep a lot of fresh fruits and veggies on hand so you’re not running out all the time. Buy things you might not normally use like Bok Choy and mustard greens etc., and look for the discount bags of fresh foods, that will help to offset the cost. You can simplify this step by making a large batch of juice and drink it throughout the day, making a different drink each day. If you find that you cannot make fresh juices during the day try making them at night and store in jars with good lids in the fridge, or buy some that are as close to nature as possible and use this to nourish your system while giving your body all the nutrients it will need throughout the day; cut back after two weeks, stop and rest for a couple of weeks before doing it again if needed. Do not stop eating normally unless you are doing a juice only diet while cleansing but be sure you have researched your program before doing it, and if you need to make enough for two than just increase the amounts from above. Just keep the cleansing tea in a flask or thermos and drink at least 4 cups a day of the tea and the juice as often as possible for two weeks. It is always a good idea to eat just light foods and move away from greasy foods and animal products, and white flower foods or white sugar foods because these have no nutrition in them at all and in fact rob your system of the nutrition you are trying to put in. These herbs can be used twice to make a tea, i.e: steep first use for 3 to 5 minutes, then steep the herbs for 5 to 10 minutes the second use from there they can be boiled and strained into a nice hot bath and the last step is to put the used herbs into a potted plant or in a mulch pile. This tea is safe for all ages of both people and animals. But if you have a reaction to anything above do not use this or any product without the advice of your health practitioner. If in fact there are herbs in this mix that you do have a reaction to, you can special order a cleansing mix by sending us an e-mail at: nicolettenardi@gmail.com I will put the mix that fits your needs together for you at no extra cost. Don't worry that you have already read some of this in another article. It's here to help remind you of the importance involved in teaching you how to repair the damage done over the years and to help you stay focused on changing your lifestyle for better health. Also there are other tips in this section that are not in the others. CAUSION: If you are taking any blood thinner medication or other medications be sure to inform your Dr before you do this or any program that can/will affect your health. May your efforts be blessed to live the life that you intend to live~! Copyright © 1992-2020 ________________________________________________________________________________ http://soaringspirit.webs.com nicolettenardi@gmail.com


Soaring Spirit by Nicolette carries it's own brand of cleansing herbs for cleansing the internal system. We specialize in assuring the safety and simplicity of use for any age or state of health. You must be aware of the caution needed whenever doing any internal cleanse even if you are only using lemon juice to cleanse with. If you are not careful as to what you use as well as understanding exactly how to use a cleansing product you can cause an overload of toxins to be released into your bloodstream that can cause you to hallucinate. If you intend to do any internal cleanse other than the one we make at Personal Journey, you must have a helpmate keeping a watch over you. Without this helpmate you put yourself and others in harms way. This is why we research and test all our products to insure their quality and effectiveness as well as assuring low prices so everyone can afford to take good care of their health. Here are some simple ways of cleansing externally: 1. Run a bath with very warm to hot water being sure not to make the water to hot that it will cause a burn, mix in a 1/4 to 1 cup of Epson Salts [if you have a larger body size you may need to increase this amount to 2 or more cups of Salts. Simply test each bath to see which amount works best for you]. Immerse your entire body even your head [NOTE: not your face, but you can use a cloth to wash your face to obtain the benefits] in this solution for at least 40 minutes. Be sure to be very cautious when you are standing up as hot water can cause oxygen depletion from your brain causing you to black out. You can use a scrub cloth to scrub your skin from head to toe to remove all the dead skin and impurities accumulated above and below the skin. You will then want to rinse off with warm vinegar water, which is one part vinegar to 3 parts warm water. Just use the cloth to wash off the salt water then rinse off again in a shower with warm water. After this you can wrap in a bathrobe and lie down for a half hour or so and let your body rest. This is a truly refreshing way to cleanse your skin and open your pores to let in some oxygen. This will also remove toxins from under the surface of your skin and hair. It removes quite a lot of the remnants of stuff that has not been able to be released through your elimination system, which your skin is one of those systems. Such as if you have ever taken a drug, even those prescribed by Dr's. There are lingering particles that never leave your body. It is so vital to our good health to cleanse at lease twice a year and more if you are currently ill or become ill easily. Once you have cleansed inside and outside, your bodies immune system will be better able to fight off any illness even the most deadly. Our bodies are quite resistant if we will allow them to do their jobs by giving our bodies all the right tools and by practicing more healthful behavior to ensure a joy filled life. 2. For a quick external cleanse just use the vinegar water then wash and rinse as above. 3. Water itself is a cleanser so bathing or drinking lots of water will help to cleanse both externally and internally. But watch what water you are using. If you are in a city its most likely your water is being poisoned with florid and clorid/clorine. If you would like a way to not only purify your water but add minerals at the same time go to: http://www.kacperpostawski.com/306/scientific-testing-of-adya-clarity-video-interview-with-dr-clement-matt-bakos 4. Lemon Juice is also a cleanser that can be used internally, externally and as a cleaning agent for home, car etc. for those who are sensitive to harsh cems and for those of us that want to have a safer environment for our selves and loved ones. Be thoughtful as to how much you ingest at one time due to the acidic nature of lemon. I use lemon juice to balance my ph and stop acid reflux. Works like a charm. You can also use papaya fresh or dried to stop acid reflux and balance your ph. 5. If you have an acne problem it is because you have a lot of toxins trying to be released. Your skin is one of your bodies elimination systems, so it stands to reason your body will release toxins through your skin, hence acne. A good scrub cloth and lots of water taken internally will help reduce the acne as well as following all of the above information. Scrubbing the skin with a good abrasive is not going to harm your skin and in fact will help to keep all those tiny little bumps on your arms, legs, and face down while allowing lots of oxygen to penetrate your pores, but do use reason when choosing a scrub cloth. A hand held loofah sponge are the best I have found to scrub well without tearing your skin. Cleansing Baths: Epsom Salts Use 1/2 to 1 cup of Epsom Salts to a full hot bath. Soak for at least 40 minutes then rinse off. [Note: once you have had a few baths like this you can increase the amount of Epsom Salts by one cup more at a time until you are using a quart or more per bath but do work up to that amount very slowly, because you are detoxing beneath your skin and bringing the toxins up to the surface, so you don't want to over do it too quickly.] You may use a bowl of warm vinegar water to scrub off the salt, which will help to cleanse your skin and open your pores. Use 1/4 cup of clear vinegar to 3 cups of warm to hot water; use a good scrubbing cloth. Scrub your entire body well and then rinse off with clear water. CAUTION: DO NOT STAND UP TOO QUICKLY FROM A HOT BATH; IT CAN CAUSE YOU TO FAINT. Epsom Salts will draw out toxins and drugs including tobacco. So if you have never cleansed after using drugs, alcohol, tobacco or simply from the toxins in our foods and water today, it would be advisable that you take an Epsom Salts bath once a week for a while. There may be a light color to the bath water for a while but that will clear once you have cleansed your skin. There is no harm in using Epsom Salts except to over use it by taking too many baths in one day or in one week. That is why I advise only one a week. What this will do is draw the toxins from your liver and kidney's, blood, and other organs. Do go slower if you are a diabetic there is a warning on the Epsom Salts bag. For a quick refreshing pick me up, simply take a sponge bath with the hot vinegar water. This will open your pores and allow oxygen in through your skin and up to your brain through your blood. Try using our cleansing herb tea to drink while you are cleansing your skin for a safe and full cleansing experience. Once you have used the tea to cleanse internally you can boil the herbs and strain the water into your Epsom Salt bath water. Then the herbs can be used as a mulch for your outside plants. http://soaringspirit.webs.com Some of us have the luxury of walking in ignorant bliss, while the rest of us are forced to face reality. But that’s changing rapidly. No one can hide their head in the sand anymore because between the vaccines, drugs, chem trails, west nile spraying, toxic poisons being dumped into our water, etc., all under the guise of medical intervention, we are being intoxicated with mycoplasmas, poisons, toxins, funguses, virals, etc. If you are unaware of this issue but would like to understand it, there are some tools and information available. But first you must ask what epidemics, diseases and fatal diseases existed 70 or more years ago? Are there new diseases today that can’t be explained away by the pros as naturally occurring? How did that happen? Second you must ask why are our children dying from cancer? Why are our children suffering from diabetes, aids, lupus, autism, add, adhd, etc., etc., etc.? Why do our children have mental illnesses that never existed before? Why indeed! The answers are germs, germs that may occur naturally in our environment, but are being genetically altered to be killers such as Aids, and others to be destroyers such as HIV, Cancer, MS, Transverse Myelitis, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Autoimmune syndrome which we now know is caused by the MMR vaccine, Alzheimer’s, Lupus, Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and the list is unending as new illnesses will continue to emerge. There are documents dating back to the 30’s and forward as to who is involved, what countries are involved and exactly how they would implement the germs-toxins-poisons, etc. To what end? Only a nightmare in a Scifi can answer that. Here are two products that will not only protect you but will detox your body in order for your body to be able to repair the damage and restore your immune system to fight against these mass weapons of destruction in this new war we are involved in. These products are also the organisms that convert whatever goes into your body as needed fuel, into the nutrients needed for your survival. Living Streams Probiotics - Paradophilus-Living Streams Probiotics-Minerals - Living Streams Living Earth Probiotics Probiotics Paradophilus, are the pro health organisms that convert all matter digested into our systems, which become what OUR BODIES need to survive and be healthy. Without them WE DIE! This is no joking matter! If you choose to bury your head in the sand you will be left without the means to protect yourself and others from the manufactured germs being used on us today and YOU WILL suffer the diseases that have no medical protocol to save your life. They are watching us die and knowing they have no anti-body to stop it, or if they do have one they are not telling. But nature always has a way and we now know what to do if you will open your heart to listen and learn how to protect your body and give it the tools needed to fight back. As we learn more we will post it. Please review the links and order and use the products suggested here. To hear a program that not only talks about this subject but gives you 30 years of information and research to back it up. Go to: http://www.blackopradio.com/archives2008.html scroll down to Donald Scott show #376 You need a REAL MEDIA PLAYER to listen to this website. You can download the real media player free... at http://www.real.com/ Here is a list of customer-reported health problems Living Streams Probioticts-Paradophilus has helped with, so far: Bad breath Plaque and cavities Gum disease Digestive problems Diarrhea Constipation Listlessness Detoxification Fungus Candida/Yeast Feminine problems Athletes foot Rashes and other skin problems Burns Poison Ivy Black and other Molds Shingles Eczema Colds and flu Chicken Pox Herpes Lyme Disease Chronic Fatigue Cuts and scrapes Parvo and other health problems in dogs and cats Cow, goat and other animal health support Aspergillus Mycoplasma MS TM Ear infections Allergies This list will keep growing the more we use these products! For more information Please contact us at: 916.358.6657 or

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President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump, > Our country has made an incredible move to take back our republic and our rights. You are already proving that you will stand by your word and it is our hope that you will continue to do so. Please read an email correspondence I had with Federal Postal Judge David Wynn Miller who is the judge that brokered the deal with the banks that committed fraud and grand larceny theft of our lands, homes and property in California 2008 – 2010 which my family suffered in. We owned a 6 acre ranch at 7425 West 4th Street, Rio Linda, CA. My question to you is will you also address the below issues as well as the entire issue of the massive fraud all banks and lending companies intentionally wrote toxic loans and never lent lawful money but debt notes then charging interest and denying a lawful land title, they placed all of us who bought land/homes as tenants, so they have also usurped our rights to own land/homes/property of any kind that requires a true title. Unless you have other means to hold true title to anything you better go back and look at your hotels and other holdings and see if even YOU own/hold true title. They sent the Sacramento sheriff dept 6 large men with guns to force us off our land with a false document from the federal court using a fraudulent document from the court that did not have a wet ink signature of a judge. I spent all our savings over a year trying to prove the fraud only to have the judge ignore my over 400 recorded documents proving the fraud. They forced us onto the streets not giving a damn of the condition of our family as you will see mentioned in the email exchange below. I had to beg from relatives in order to re-acquire a 30 ft trailer and 8 months later I privately bought a ½ acre of land in our town only to have Sacramento country come in after we had lived on our land for 11 1/2 months and threaten to put me in jail if I did not move our trailer off OUR land in 7 days claiming that our trailer was not a permanent fixture and thereby against the law to dwell in. I had dug a spot and rented a portable septic tank from a group in our town which they emptied once a month and installed a portable generator for power and we had water lines on our property. I recorded a lawful letter requiring the country to prove the law they were claiming and they refused me and told me again I would be put in jail if I did not comply. So once again we were headed for the streets but pulling thousands of dollars together we found a rental that was handicapped accessible for my daughter and storage units and have now lost over millions plus in all that it has costs us due to the banks, lenders, sheriff’s, courts and Sacramento county fraud. Now to add salt to all our wounds and losses Attorney Gen Kamila Harris and Gov Jerry Brown embezzled 19 billion of the 26 billion bank settlement for California homeowners that lost our homes to this fraud claiming they paid off California bankruptcy. More fraud due to the fact that California as every state in the union has a CFAR fund holding trillions in it that belongs to California citizens so it is not possible for California or any state in the union to be bankrupt they fill this fund from the 90% taxes gained from every gallon of gas bought everyday adding up to over one billion collected daily. You do the math! I would appreciate it greatly if you President Donald Trump would see, read and respond to me directly as you claim to be the President for ALL AMERICANS which I am a member of and have a valid issue not only for myself and family but for ALL AMERICANS that have suffered so greatly in this nightmare of fraud by criminals in our country. Best Regards from a supporter Nicolette J Nardie January 26, 2017 > [please forgive my grammar I was so enraged to learn this info below I couldn’t see straight] all home owners didnt get paid! Thursday, February 20, 2014 9:27 PM From: "Nicolette" To: DWMLAWPRO@AOL.COM Cc: nicolette_b_2000@yahoo.com i just saw your video #13 & #14 on youtube you claimed all the homeowners got paid no i didnt GMAC committed fraud and so much more having the sheriffs come to my home with guns to take me off my land any way they thought they needed to telling me they were only doing there job via court order that wasnt even signed by a judge from your little deal you made with the banks GMAC stole nearly 1.5 M by taking my home, land, building material, 30ft trailer and much more putting my paralyzed daughter her infant and me and my husband on the street and what did we get for all this? $1,000 from your little deal with the banks what did they get not even a slap on the hand and never returning of the trillions of dollars stolen from us that they embezzled and have sitting in offshore banks. im so angry with what they did to us and am even more insulted by your smart deal you made with them. there better be something we can do to get back what was fraudulently stolen from us. your a federal judge, you made the deal with the banks but what have you done for all of us that have lost everything due to these criminals? what can we do to get back all they strong armed away from us? every action they did was fraud [added note fraud vitiates all] and so much worse why have you allowed this to happen? and don't tell me you didn't have anything to do with this because you flat out said so on your youtube videos. every action GMAC did to us is wrong and invalid and we deserve our property and all they stole from us plus all that it cost us trying to fight to keep our property plus compensation for all the trauma it cost us as a family but what is even worse is what it cost my paralyzed daughter [added note: I have sensed learned that my daughters illness was due to the MMR vaccine given to her at birth, the CDC knew that the MMR caused Gillian Barre illness causing autoimmune reactions to the simplest of illnesses which left my daughter paralyzed in lower limbs] and her infant daughter. my rage is beyond measure. i spent two years fighting these F###### bastards only to have the courts turn all our property over to them being told by the judge "well if you cant tell me why i shouldn't give it to them I'm handing it over" this is after i filed over 400 documents showing everything i could find and do to prove they were racketeering thugs committing fraud. I WANT JUSTIFICATION AND RESTITUTION - NO LETTING THEM WALK SCOTT FREE - I CANT BELIEVE YOU GAVE THEM A WAY OUT TO WALK WITH OUT GIVING TRUE RESTITUTION FOR WHAT DAMAGE THEY COMMITTED AGAINST INNOCENT MOTHERS AND CHILDREN AND ALL OF US! Alternative to drugs http://soaringspirit.webs.com ************************************************************************ Re: all home owners didnt get paid! Thursday, February 20, 2014 10:16 PM Mark as Unread Flag this message From: "Davidwynn Miller" To: nicolette_b_2000@yahoo.com i brokered a deal to get the people the money and the banks settled in california in 10-days-$26-billion dollars. ATTORNEY-GENERAL, Kamala Harris took the money and paid off the $19-billion-dollar bankruptcy of the CALIFORNIA AND WELCHED ON THE BANKS AS WELL AND GOT AN AWARD FROM OBAMA FOR CREATING THE HOMEOWNERS. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH T HE A-G IN WASHINGTON, ERIK HOLDER AND HIS DEAL WITH THE BANKS FOREGIVNESS AS THE BANKS HAVE PAID THE DOJ AND SEC 800-BILLION TO DOJ AND SEC TO DATE. SEE SENATE OVERSIGHT LETTER. > DOC: OVERSIGHT-COMMITTEE-15-FEB-2013.doc 36KB FOR THE COMMITTEE ON THE OVERSITE AND: GOVERNMENT-FORM. ~2157-~RAYBURN-HOUSE-OFFICE-BUILDING, ~WASHINGTON~D.-C.~20515 FOR THE WHISTLEBLOWER-PLENIPOTENTIARY, POSTMASTER, UNITED NATION-SOVEREIGN: FEDERAL-POSTAL-JUDGE: David-Wynn: Miller.[~5166~North~63rd-STREET,-~MILWAUKEE,-~WISCONSIN-~53218]OR[~2020-~MAIN-STREET,-~SUITE-~1002,-~WAILUKU,-~MAUI,-~HAWAI’I-~96793]. ~1 FOR THE (THREE-HUNDRED-PLUS) QUO-WARRANTO-COMPLAINTS OF THE FILING ARE WITH THE FEDERAL-TORT-CLAIM-ACT OF THE PENALTY-DAMAGE-CLAIM WITH THE $25-MILLION-DOLLARS-FINE(EACH) WITH THE FRAUDULENT-MORTGAGE-FORECLOSURE’S-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR: TITLE-~15: DOCUMENT-CONTRACT-CLAIM-SECTION-~1692-E &: FRAUDULENT-LANGUAGE: TITLE~18: DOCUMENT-CONTRACT-CLAIM-SECTION-~1001, AGAINST THE SERVICING-BANK &: AS THE AILING-VOID-HOLDER OF THE NOTE, TITLE, GRANT-DEED, DEED OF TRUST, OR: MORTGAGE WITHOUT THE LODIAL-LAND-TITLE-AUTOGRAPHED OR: DEED-AUTOGRAPHED WITH THE CORRECT-CONTRACT OF THE FORECLOSURE-PROPERTY.(25-MILLION-FORECLOSURES, HOMELESS-PEOPLE-COLLAPS-USA)(100-MILLION-PEOPLE) ~2 FOR THE BANK AS THE MOVING-PERSON IS WITHOUT THE TWO-PERSON-AUTOGRAPHING-CONTRACT OF THE OWNERSHIP-FILING WITH THE FORECLOSURE: FORE(NO)CLOS(JOIN)URE(CONTRACT-FACT). ~3 FOR THE FOREIGN-VESSEL-COURTHOUSE: FEDERAL-RULES OF CIVIL-PROCEDURE, RULE~44.1, ARE WITH THE FICTION-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-LANGUAGE-DAMAGE-CLAIM OF THE WRONG-SYNTAX-WORD-MEANING WITH THE NUMBER-CODES BY THE SYNTAXING-WORD-EVIDENCE: (1)=ADVERB-MODIFIER, (2)VERB-MOTION-ACTION, (3)=ADJECTIVE-COLORING, OPINION, PERJURY-CHANGE-MODIFIER, (4)=PRONOUN=NO-NO-NO, PRO=NO, NO=NO, UN=NO, (5)=POSITION=ALPHABET-SPELLING-LETTERS, WORD-TERM-MEANING, (6)=LODIAL=OWNERSHIP-POSSESSIVE, [ARTICLE], (7)=FACT, [NOUN=NO-NO], FOR THE PEN, FOR MY PEN, FOR YOUR PEN, FOR A PEN, OF THE PEN, OF MY PEM, OF YOUR PEN, BY THE PEN, BY MY PEN. ~5 FOR THE BONDED: QUO-WARRANTO-COMPLAINT OF THE SYNTAX-WORDING-EVIDENCE ARE WITH THE BORROWING-FRAUD-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-DEED-LANGUAGE WITH THE BANK-CUSTOMER’S-VICTIMIZED BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-FRAUD-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-MONEY-CONTRACT. ~6 FOR THE QUANTUM-MATH-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-COPYCLAIM OF THE DATE-~6-~APRIL-~1988-CLOSURE BY THE David-Wynn: Miller IS WITH THE CORRECTION-CLAIM OF THE PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR WITH THE TWENTY-NINE-GRADE-CORRECT-WRITING-LEVEL AS THE MATH-PROBLEM CAN BE WRITTEN-FOREWARD AND: CHECKED-BACKWARDS:(1+2=3,3-2=1, 2X3=6,6/3=2) WITH THE ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE, SIGN, CO-SIGN, TANGENT(TRIG). ~7 FOR ALL MATH-PROBLEMS OF ALL COUNTRIES ARE WITH THE SAME-VALUE-NUMBERS(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,) OF THE PEOPLES’-TRADING WITH THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD AND WITH THE NEVER-WARRING OVER THE MATH-PROBLEMS. ~8 FOR THE PROOF OF THE WRITING ARE WITH THE CORRECT-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR OF THE CORRECTION-CLAIM WITH THE TITLE-~42: D.-C.-C.-S.-~1986: KNOWLEDGE OF THE WRONG-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR AND WITH THE CORRECTION OF THE FRAUDULENT-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR WITH THE FEDERAL-POSTAL-JUDGE: David-Wynn: Miller’s-KNOWLEDGE and: CLAIMANTS. ~9 FOR THE JUDGES, ATTORNEYS, LAWYERS, BANKSTERS, TEACHERS &: POLITITIONS OF THE LYING-TOGETHER ARE WITH THE FRAUD-SYNTAX-PRACTICE-CRAFT OF THEIR FICTION-WORD-CRAFT WITH THE SLAVERY OF THE PEOPLE & WITH THE TAKING(STEALING) BY THE FRAUDULENT-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR WITH THE SCHOOLS-TEACHING-FRAUD-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR FOR THE BAR-COURT-HARVEST OF THE “ENGLAND, CANADA, NEW-ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, &: SOUTH-AFRICA”. “THE(ADVERB) UNITED(ADJECTIVE) STATES(PRONUON) OF(ADVERB) AMERICA(VERB-FICTION)”, AND WITH THE LOOKING AT THE MONEY-WORDING OF “THE U.S. of A”. ~10 FOR THE CHINEES-GOVERNMENT AND: 150-TRADING-PARTNERS ARE WITH THE TEACHING- CORRECT-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR OF THE SEPTEMBER-~2012-SCHOOL-YEAR AND: SOUTH-KOREA-~2007.(200-HOURS-SEMINAR-VIDEOS-FREE, TV, RADIO, WEB, DAVIDWYNNMILLERVIDEOS….SEARCH) ~11 WWW.DWMLC.COM-WEBSITE IS: WRITTEN &: READ BY THE FIVE-BILLION-STUDENTS IN THE 150-WORLD-LANGUAGES. > -----Original Message----- From: Nicolette To: DWMLAWPRO Cc: nicolette_b_2000 Sent: Thu, Feb 20, 2014 7:27 pm Subject: all home owners didnt get paid! **************************************************************************** Re: all home owners didnt get paid! Friday, February 21, 2014 3:02 PM From: "Nicolette" To: "Davidwynn Miller" Cc: nicolette_b_2000@yahoo.com I appreciate your quick response. Now that you have informed me as to what exactly happened to the money from your brokered deal with the banks do we as victims of Kamala Harris actions and this back door award from BO for cheating the homeowners, have any recourse to file against them, is this not an act of Malfeasance or an under handed unlawful act that we the people accosted by their actions can pursue and expose? if your answer is yes, can you point me in a right direction in order to pursue this recourse? my sincere gratitude is offered for any and all information that can be provided here that will help the over 4,000,000 of us here in california. thank you Alternative to drugs http://soarspirit.webs.com as of today: March 5, 2014 Fedural Judge David Wynn Miller has not responded to my Feb-21-2014 request. [as of today 04-28-15 Fedural Judge David Wynn Miller has not responded to my Feb-21-2014]

Saturday, November 1, 2014

http://soaringspirit.webs.com SHOW ME THE CONSTITUTION Show me the constitution that denies me my human rights to live in freedom from a tyrannical corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government Show me the constitution that denies me my human rights to freely travel in my own property on public hwy ways Show me the constitution that denies me my human rights to my own wealth without theft of any kind namely fraudulent taxes Show me the constitution that denies me my human rights to own land without the interference of a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government Show me the constitution that denies me my human rights to not allow anyone or anything to poison me and my children Show me the constitution that freely allows a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government to poison our air, our food, our land, our water, our bodies, our minds Show me the constitution that freely gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to steal our land, our water, our factories, etc Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power over how I chose to educate my children and myself Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to force me to do anything against my own will Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to force we the people into a war that we the people are fiercely against Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to take over we the peoples military and use it against us and against our, we the peoples will Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to overtake our financial systems controlling it to the detriment of we the people Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government to prevent we the people from gathering in a peaceful protest Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to deny me the right to carry arms for the protection of my property, myself and my children Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to deny me my human rights to live by my own conscience on the matters of spirituality, medical/alternative medical treatments, technology, free energy/power, etc Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to force me into military courts which are completely out side of the rule of law Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to steal my birth certificate, selling it and solely profiting from our birth rights [our identities] on wall street Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to force me and my children into slavery Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to solely enrich the top elites to own by monopoly all our productions, to profit outside of the rule of law Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to forcibly vaccinate me and my children knowing they profit from poisoning us and causing us terrible debilitating illnesses Show me the constitution that gives a corporation that fraudulently calls its self a government the power to force laws on we the people but places themselves above the rule of law Show me the constitution of we the people, for we the people, by we the people [NOTE: as long as the corporation that fraudulently calls its self our government claims a war i.e. war on drugs, etc or a state of emergency, they force us into marshal law and rob us of our constitution. Our constitution has not been in effect sense its inception]

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http://soaringspirit.webs.com Colloidal Silver Make your own: Use as an anti-biotic For the use of a natural antibiotic for both viral and bacterial. To Make the Colloidal Silver drink you will need: 1, Two Silver wires and they must be .9999 pure silver, about 4 inches long [or you can use a Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coin which is .9999 percent of silver, cut in half]. A set of two speaker wires with an alligator clip at each end or you can buy the snap on wires that snap onto a 9v battery, and add an alligator clip on one end. You can buy the wires pre-made at a hardware store or Radio Shack and you can find the wires of silver or silver coin either online or at a coin & jewelry store. NOTE: If you want to use a coin instead of the rods, Use only a Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coin, which is .9999 % pure silver. Or silver wire rods only if you can prove they are .9999 pure because it is unsafe to use anything else. A lesser number will have other metals included in the coin or rods and can cause a gray discoloring to your skin as well as cause a toxic reaction in your system. SO TAKE THIS CAUSION TO HEART AND DO NOT DISREGARD IT~! 2, One glass 8 to 10 oz. or a larger glass jar depending on the amount you need to make. 3, 3, 9-volt batteries or something with both a positive and negative post with an out put of 27 to 36 volts. If you are using the 3 9-volt batteries, you will need to connect them together by connecting one positive post to a negative post. To do this put two of the 9-volt batteries side by side with a negative post on one of them facing the positive post of the other one. Then with the third one hold it up above the two with the opposite posts. Push the one onto the posts of the two as if you were snapping two snaps together. It should look like a pyramid with one battery on top of the other two batteries. This will make an output of 27 volts. [Feel free to contact us if you are not clear on this or any section] There should be one positive post and one negative post exposed on each side of this unit. You will need to connect one of the wires to each post. At the other end of the wires you will need to clip a piece of silver to the alligator clip. The finished unit should be a pyramid with a wire either clipped or snapped onto each post and a rod or sliver of coin clipped onto each alligator clip at the other end. You can cut the silver coin with a pair of wire cutters. Hold the coin with a pair of pliers and pound out the coin with a hammer to make it easier to cut. It only takes a few minutes. Once it’s thin enough to cut with wire cutters, just cut through the coin once to make two halves. Then clip each half into one end of the alligator clip, the other end of the clip connects to the batteries. Or if you are using the rods just cut them to around 6" each and clip each rod onto one end of an alligator clip. Your unit should look like a pyramid with a clip at each exposed post and a piece of silver at each end of the alligator clips. Now you can use distilled water [do not use the store bought distilled water, which is kept in thin plastic containers because the water draws the formaldehyde out of the plastic and you don’t want that in your body. Only use the kind that is in a thick more hard plastic or in glass, or you can make your own]. Be sure to add a few grains of sea salt or tap water if there is some minerals in it. The water will not charge without some minerals in it. You will learn how much minerals you need to put into your water once you have tried to make a batch of colloidal silver water because if you don’t have enough minerals in the water nothing will happen, but when you do have enough the silver will stream off the coin or rods into the water. Note: you can simply use tap water that has been filtered well to remove any heavy metals, but the distilled water is better only because you are assured not to have any chemicals or heavy metals in it. The ratio parts per million (ppm) is measured by using an 8 to 10 oz glass of water, 27 volts of power, and one minute per one part per million of silver. So if I want 3.5 parts per million in an 8 to 10 oz glass I would run the 27 volts connected to the silver pieces for 3.5 minutes. And if I want 10 parts per million, I would run the same for 10 minutes. Now if I wanted to make a large batch I would need to increase the time by measuring the ounces to the above measurements. I.e. a 16 to 20 oz glass would run 7 minutes to make a batch at 3.5 parts per million or 16 to 20 minutes to make a batch at 10 parts per million. You don’t need to go any greater than 10 ppm. The 10 ppm, will kill on contact any virus or bacteria within 6 minutes after contact. And there are over 700 diseases that this will kill. You can do a research on the net to see just how many and what types of illnesses that Colloidal Silver will kill but be warned that there are lots of negative statements as well as positive statements for Colloidal Silver. If used correctly with the right % of silver you will not have any problems. But if you chose not to follow the correct directions as above then any problems you do encounter will be at your own fault. If you chose to ignore a red light then you risk being hit by on coming traffic. It is only by using wisdom and correct knowledge and the practice of truth do any of us succeed. How to make and use: Fill a glass near to the top with water, making sure the glass is clean first. Connect the batteries together as described above and connect the wires to the posts and the sliver pieces to the other end of the clips. Place the silver ends into the water at the top of the glass being sure not to touch the sliver pieces together as this will cause a closed circuit and do not let the clips enter the water. If the water has enough minerals in it, it will start the shedding of the silver right away. If not then you will need to add more minerals or tap water with minerals in it until you see the silver streaming off the coin pieces or the silver rods. At this point you will start the clock to the measured time for the ppm you want to achieve. Once the clock stops remove the negative post of the coin or rod piece from the water and allow the positive coin or rod piece to reclaim the overage; hold for just a moment or two. Then remove the coin or rod and wipe off the residue. Stir, and the water is now ready to drink. You can sip on this until you finish the cup or you can drink all in one sitting. But be advised that if there is a lot of die off (this is called die off because the cells will collect in your stomach and/or your intestines) from the illness you are destroying, you can feel nauseated. To help this run through your system quicker, simply drink extra water and if you need to do something more you can take three carrots and juice them. Drink this juice and it will stop the acid upset in your stomach. If you do not have a juicer then just eat a large carrot. It will have the same calming effect on your stomach acids. NOTE: Always take some acidophilus after taking or using any anti-biotic because the live enzymes in your intestines will also die and need to be replaced. FACTS: * Roman solders did not get sick because they kept their drinking water in a silver flask. * The wealthy during the Bubonic Plague did not become ill because they eat off silver utensils. Today in the impoverished countries around our world, they use Colloidal Silver as an anti-biotic because it is not only a fast way to ingest a safe anti-biotic but it is very inexpensive so everyone can afford to use it. It is also a very small unit to carry around and as long as you have access to some sort of power or energy you are able to make this natural source of mineral to kill off diseases. Always do your homework before trying any of the ideas in this book. You should always be aware of and understand what you are trying to accomplish before you attempt any form of health care. Also if you are currently taking a pharmaceutical drug always check with your healthcare provider to ensure that what you are attempting to do will not have an adverse interaction with what you are currently taking. Never think it would not matter, because you just never know. It is always better to be safe and not take an unnecessary risk. There are easy searches you can do from your Internet search engines or Libraries as well. Do take a little extra time to ensure you understand what you are attempting. SOARING SPIRIT© P.O. Box 978, Rio Linda, CA 95673-0978 916-358-6657 May your efforts be blessed to live the life that you intend to live~! Copyright © 1992-2014