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Soaring Spirit by Nicolette carries it's own brand of cleansing herbs for cleansing the internal system. We specialize in assuring the safety and simplicity of use for any age or state of health. You must be aware of the caution needed whenever doing any internal cleanse even if you are only using lemon juice to cleanse with. If you are not careful as to what you use as well as understanding exactly how to use a cleansing product you can cause an overload of toxins to be released into your bloodstream that can cause you to hallucinate. If you intend to do any internal cleanse other than the one we make at Personal Journey, you must have a helpmate keeping a watch over you. Without this helpmate you put yourself and others in harms way. This is why we research and test all our products to insure their quality and effectiveness as well as assuring low prices so everyone can afford to take good care of their health. Here are some simple ways of cleansing externally: 1. Run a bath with very warm to hot water being sure not to make the water to hot that it will cause a burn, mix in a 1/4 to 1 cup of Epson Salts [if you have a larger body size you may need to increase this amount to 2 or more cups of Salts. Simply test each bath to see which amount works best for you]. Immerse your entire body even your head [NOTE: not your face, but you can use a cloth to wash your face to obtain the benefits] in this solution for at least 40 minutes. Be sure to be very cautious when you are standing up as hot water can cause oxygen depletion from your brain causing you to black out. You can use a scrub cloth to scrub your skin from head to toe to remove all the dead skin and impurities accumulated above and below the skin. You will then want to rinse off with warm vinegar water, which is one part vinegar to 3 parts warm water. Just use the cloth to wash off the salt water then rinse off again in a shower with warm water. After this you can wrap in a bathrobe and lie down for a half hour or so and let your body rest. This is a truly refreshing way to cleanse your skin and open your pores to let in some oxygen. This will also remove toxins from under the surface of your skin and hair. It removes quite a lot of the remnants of stuff that has not been able to be released through your elimination system, which your skin is one of those systems. Such as if you have ever taken a drug, even those prescribed by Dr's. There are lingering particles that never leave your body. It is so vital to our good health to cleanse at lease twice a year and more if you are currently ill or become ill easily. Once you have cleansed inside and outside, your bodies immune system will be better able to fight off any illness even the most deadly. Our bodies are quite resistant if we will allow them to do their jobs by giving our bodies all the right tools and by practicing more healthful behavior to ensure a joy filled life. 2. For a quick external cleanse just use the vinegar water then wash and rinse as above. 3. Water itself is a cleanser so bathing or drinking lots of water will help to cleanse both externally and internally. But watch what water you are using. If you are in a city its most likely your water is being poisoned with florid and clorid/clorine. If you would like a way to not only purify your water but add minerals at the same time go to: http://www.kacperpostawski.com/306/scientific-testing-of-adya-clarity-video-interview-with-dr-clement-matt-bakos 4. Lemon Juice is also a cleanser that can be used internally, externally and as a cleaning agent for home, car etc. for those who are sensitive to harsh cems and for those of us that want to have a safer environment for our selves and loved ones. Be thoughtful as to how much you ingest at one time due to the acidic nature of lemon. I use lemon juice to balance my ph and stop acid reflux. Works like a charm. You can also use papaya fresh or dried to stop acid reflux and balance your ph. 5. If you have an acne problem it is because you have a lot of toxins trying to be released. Your skin is one of your bodies elimination systems, so it stands to reason your body will release toxins through your skin, hence acne. A good scrub cloth and lots of water taken internally will help reduce the acne as well as following all of the above information. Scrubbing the skin with a good abrasive is not going to harm your skin and in fact will help to keep all those tiny little bumps on your arms, legs, and face down while allowing lots of oxygen to penetrate your pores, but do use reason when choosing a scrub cloth. A hand held loofah sponge are the best I have found to scrub well without tearing your skin. Cleansing Baths: Epsom Salts Use 1/2 to 1 cup of Epsom Salts to a full hot bath. Soak for at least 40 minutes then rinse off. [Note: once you have had a few baths like this you can increase the amount of Epsom Salts by one cup more at a time until you are using a quart or more per bath but do work up to that amount very slowly, because you are detoxing beneath your skin and bringing the toxins up to the surface, so you don't want to over do it too quickly.] You may use a bowl of warm vinegar water to scrub off the salt, which will help to cleanse your skin and open your pores. Use 1/4 cup of clear vinegar to 3 cups of warm to hot water; use a good scrubbing cloth. Scrub your entire body well and then rinse off with clear water. CAUTION: DO NOT STAND UP TOO QUICKLY FROM A HOT BATH; IT CAN CAUSE YOU TO FAINT. Epsom Salts will draw out toxins and drugs including tobacco. So if you have never cleansed after using drugs, alcohol, tobacco or simply from the toxins in our foods and water today, it would be advisable that you take an Epsom Salts bath once a week for a while. There may be a light color to the bath water for a while but that will clear once you have cleansed your skin. There is no harm in using Epsom Salts except to over use it by taking too many baths in one day or in one week. That is why I advise only one a week. What this will do is draw the toxins from your liver and kidney's, blood, and other organs. Do go slower if you are a diabetic there is a warning on the Epsom Salts bag. For a quick refreshing pick me up, simply take a sponge bath with the hot vinegar water. This will open your pores and allow oxygen in through your skin and up to your brain through your blood. Try using our cleansing herb tea to drink while you are cleansing your skin for a safe and full cleansing experience. Once you have used the tea to cleanse internally you can boil the herbs and strain the water into your Epsom Salt bath water. Then the herbs can be used as a mulch for your outside plants. http://soaringspirit.webs.com Some of us have the luxury of walking in ignorant bliss, while the rest of us are forced to face reality. But that’s changing rapidly. No one can hide their head in the sand anymore because between the vaccines, drugs, chem trails, west nile spraying, toxic poisons being dumped into our water, etc., all under the guise of medical intervention, we are being intoxicated with mycoplasmas, poisons, toxins, funguses, virals, etc. If you are unaware of this issue but would like to understand it, there are some tools and information available. But first you must ask what epidemics, diseases and fatal diseases existed 70 or more years ago? Are there new diseases today that can’t be explained away by the pros as naturally occurring? How did that happen? Second you must ask why are our children dying from cancer? Why are our children suffering from diabetes, aids, lupus, autism, add, adhd, etc., etc., etc.? Why do our children have mental illnesses that never existed before? Why indeed! The answers are germs, germs that may occur naturally in our environment, but are being genetically altered to be killers such as Aids, and others to be destroyers such as HIV, Cancer, MS, Transverse Myelitis, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Autoimmune syndrome which we now know is caused by the MMR vaccine, Alzheimer’s, Lupus, Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and the list is unending as new illnesses will continue to emerge. There are documents dating back to the 30’s and forward as to who is involved, what countries are involved and exactly how they would implement the germs-toxins-poisons, etc. To what end? Only a nightmare in a Scifi can answer that. Here are two products that will not only protect you but will detox your body in order for your body to be able to repair the damage and restore your immune system to fight against these mass weapons of destruction in this new war we are involved in. These products are also the organisms that convert whatever goes into your body as needed fuel, into the nutrients needed for your survival. Living Streams Probiotics - Paradophilus-Living Streams Probiotics-Minerals - Living Streams Living Earth Probiotics Probiotics Paradophilus, are the pro health organisms that convert all matter digested into our systems, which become what OUR BODIES need to survive and be healthy. Without them WE DIE! This is no joking matter! If you choose to bury your head in the sand you will be left without the means to protect yourself and others from the manufactured germs being used on us today and YOU WILL suffer the diseases that have no medical protocol to save your life. They are watching us die and knowing they have no anti-body to stop it, or if they do have one they are not telling. But nature always has a way and we now know what to do if you will open your heart to listen and learn how to protect your body and give it the tools needed to fight back. As we learn more we will post it. Please review the links and order and use the products suggested here. To hear a program that not only talks about this subject but gives you 30 years of information and research to back it up. Go to: http://www.blackopradio.com/archives2008.html scroll down to Donald Scott show #376 You need a REAL MEDIA PLAYER to listen to this website. You can download the real media player free... at http://www.real.com/ Here is a list of customer-reported health problems Living Streams Probioticts-Paradophilus has helped with, so far: Bad breath Plaque and cavities Gum disease Digestive problems Diarrhea Constipation Listlessness Detoxification Fungus Candida/Yeast Feminine problems Athletes foot Rashes and other skin problems Burns Poison Ivy Black and other Molds Shingles Eczema Colds and flu Chicken Pox Herpes Lyme Disease Chronic Fatigue Cuts and scrapes Parvo and other health problems in dogs and cats Cow, goat and other animal health support Aspergillus Mycoplasma MS TM Ear infections Allergies This list will keep growing the more we use these products! For more information Please contact us at: 916.358.6657 or

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