Thursday, January 26, 2017

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump, > Our country has made an incredible move to take back our republic and our rights. You are already proving that you will stand by your word and it is our hope that you will continue to do so. Please read an email correspondence I had with Federal Postal Judge David Wynn Miller who is the judge that brokered the deal with the banks that committed fraud and grand larceny theft of our lands, homes and property in California 2008 – 2010 which my family suffered in. We owned a 6 acre ranch at 7425 West 4th Street, Rio Linda, CA. My question to you is will you also address the below issues as well as the entire issue of the massive fraud all banks and lending companies intentionally wrote toxic loans and never lent lawful money but debt notes then charging interest and denying a lawful land title, they placed all of us who bought land/homes as tenants, so they have also usurped our rights to own land/homes/property of any kind that requires a true title. Unless you have other means to hold true title to anything you better go back and look at your hotels and other holdings and see if even YOU own/hold true title. They sent the Sacramento sheriff dept 6 large men with guns to force us off our land with a false document from the federal court using a fraudulent document from the court that did not have a wet ink signature of a judge. I spent all our savings over a year trying to prove the fraud only to have the judge ignore my over 400 recorded documents proving the fraud. They forced us onto the streets not giving a damn of the condition of our family as you will see mentioned in the email exchange below. I had to beg from relatives in order to re-acquire a 30 ft trailer and 8 months later I privately bought a ½ acre of land in our town only to have Sacramento country come in after we had lived on our land for 11 1/2 months and threaten to put me in jail if I did not move our trailer off OUR land in 7 days claiming that our trailer was not a permanent fixture and thereby against the law to dwell in. I had dug a spot and rented a portable septic tank from a group in our town which they emptied once a month and installed a portable generator for power and we had water lines on our property. I recorded a lawful letter requiring the country to prove the law they were claiming and they refused me and told me again I would be put in jail if I did not comply. So once again we were headed for the streets but pulling thousands of dollars together we found a rental that was handicapped accessible for my daughter and storage units and have now lost over millions plus in all that it has costs us due to the banks, lenders, sheriff’s, courts and Sacramento county fraud. Now to add salt to all our wounds and losses Attorney Gen Kamila Harris and Gov Jerry Brown embezzled 19 billion of the 26 billion bank settlement for California homeowners that lost our homes to this fraud claiming they paid off California bankruptcy. More fraud due to the fact that California as every state in the union has a CFAR fund holding trillions in it that belongs to California citizens so it is not possible for California or any state in the union to be bankrupt they fill this fund from the 90% taxes gained from every gallon of gas bought everyday adding up to over one billion collected daily. You do the math! I would appreciate it greatly if you President Donald Trump would see, read and respond to me directly as you claim to be the President for ALL AMERICANS which I am a member of and have a valid issue not only for myself and family but for ALL AMERICANS that have suffered so greatly in this nightmare of fraud by criminals in our country. Best Regards from a supporter Nicolette J Nardie January 26, 2017 > [please forgive my grammar I was so enraged to learn this info below I couldn’t see straight] all home owners didnt get paid! Thursday, February 20, 2014 9:27 PM From: "Nicolette" To: DWMLAWPRO@AOL.COM Cc: i just saw your video #13 & #14 on youtube you claimed all the homeowners got paid no i didnt GMAC committed fraud and so much more having the sheriffs come to my home with guns to take me off my land any way they thought they needed to telling me they were only doing there job via court order that wasnt even signed by a judge from your little deal you made with the banks GMAC stole nearly 1.5 M by taking my home, land, building material, 30ft trailer and much more putting my paralyzed daughter her infant and me and my husband on the street and what did we get for all this? $1,000 from your little deal with the banks what did they get not even a slap on the hand and never returning of the trillions of dollars stolen from us that they embezzled and have sitting in offshore banks. im so angry with what they did to us and am even more insulted by your smart deal you made with them. there better be something we can do to get back what was fraudulently stolen from us. your a federal judge, you made the deal with the banks but what have you done for all of us that have lost everything due to these criminals? what can we do to get back all they strong armed away from us? every action they did was fraud [added note fraud vitiates all] and so much worse why have you allowed this to happen? and don't tell me you didn't have anything to do with this because you flat out said so on your youtube videos. every action GMAC did to us is wrong and invalid and we deserve our property and all they stole from us plus all that it cost us trying to fight to keep our property plus compensation for all the trauma it cost us as a family but what is even worse is what it cost my paralyzed daughter [added note: I have sensed learned that my daughters illness was due to the MMR vaccine given to her at birth, the CDC knew that the MMR caused Gillian Barre illness causing autoimmune reactions to the simplest of illnesses which left my daughter paralyzed in lower limbs] and her infant daughter. my rage is beyond measure. i spent two years fighting these F###### bastards only to have the courts turn all our property over to them being told by the judge "well if you cant tell me why i shouldn't give it to them I'm handing it over" this is after i filed over 400 documents showing everything i could find and do to prove they were racketeering thugs committing fraud. I WANT JUSTIFICATION AND RESTITUTION - NO LETTING THEM WALK SCOTT FREE - I CANT BELIEVE YOU GAVE THEM A WAY OUT TO WALK WITH OUT GIVING TRUE RESTITUTION FOR WHAT DAMAGE THEY COMMITTED AGAINST INNOCENT MOTHERS AND CHILDREN AND ALL OF US! Alternative to drugs ************************************************************************ Re: all home owners didnt get paid! Thursday, February 20, 2014 10:16 PM Mark as Unread Flag this message From: "Davidwynn Miller" To: i brokered a deal to get the people the money and the banks settled in california in 10-days-$26-billion dollars. ATTORNEY-GENERAL, Kamala Harris took the money and paid off the $19-billion-dollar bankruptcy of the CALIFORNIA AND WELCHED ON THE BANKS AS WELL AND GOT AN AWARD FROM OBAMA FOR CREATING THE HOMEOWNERS. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH T HE A-G IN WASHINGTON, ERIK HOLDER AND HIS DEAL WITH THE BANKS FOREGIVNESS AS THE BANKS HAVE PAID THE DOJ AND SEC 800-BILLION TO DOJ AND SEC TO DATE. SEE SENATE OVERSIGHT LETTER. > DOC: OVERSIGHT-COMMITTEE-15-FEB-2013.doc 36KB FOR THE COMMITTEE ON THE OVERSITE AND: GOVERNMENT-FORM. ~2157-~RAYBURN-HOUSE-OFFICE-BUILDING, ~WASHINGTON~D.-C.~20515 FOR THE WHISTLEBLOWER-PLENIPOTENTIARY, POSTMASTER, UNITED NATION-SOVEREIGN: FEDERAL-POSTAL-JUDGE: David-Wynn: Miller.[~5166~North~63rd-STREET,-~MILWAUKEE,-~WISCONSIN-~53218]OR[~2020-~MAIN-STREET,-~SUITE-~1002,-~WAILUKU,-~MAUI,-~HAWAI’I-~96793]. ~1 FOR THE (THREE-HUNDRED-PLUS) QUO-WARRANTO-COMPLAINTS OF THE FILING ARE WITH THE FEDERAL-TORT-CLAIM-ACT OF THE PENALTY-DAMAGE-CLAIM WITH THE $25-MILLION-DOLLARS-FINE(EACH) WITH THE FRAUDULENT-MORTGAGE-FORECLOSURE’S-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR: TITLE-~15: DOCUMENT-CONTRACT-CLAIM-SECTION-~1692-E &: FRAUDULENT-LANGUAGE: TITLE~18: DOCUMENT-CONTRACT-CLAIM-SECTION-~1001, AGAINST THE SERVICING-BANK &: AS THE AILING-VOID-HOLDER OF THE NOTE, TITLE, GRANT-DEED, DEED OF TRUST, OR: MORTGAGE WITHOUT THE LODIAL-LAND-TITLE-AUTOGRAPHED OR: DEED-AUTOGRAPHED WITH THE CORRECT-CONTRACT OF THE FORECLOSURE-PROPERTY.(25-MILLION-FORECLOSURES, HOMELESS-PEOPLE-COLLAPS-USA)(100-MILLION-PEOPLE) ~2 FOR THE BANK AS THE MOVING-PERSON IS WITHOUT THE TWO-PERSON-AUTOGRAPHING-CONTRACT OF THE OWNERSHIP-FILING WITH THE FORECLOSURE: FORE(NO)CLOS(JOIN)URE(CONTRACT-FACT). ~3 FOR THE FOREIGN-VESSEL-COURTHOUSE: FEDERAL-RULES OF CIVIL-PROCEDURE, RULE~44.1, ARE WITH THE FICTION-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-LANGUAGE-DAMAGE-CLAIM OF THE WRONG-SYNTAX-WORD-MEANING WITH THE NUMBER-CODES BY THE SYNTAXING-WORD-EVIDENCE: (1)=ADVERB-MODIFIER, (2)VERB-MOTION-ACTION, (3)=ADJECTIVE-COLORING, OPINION, PERJURY-CHANGE-MODIFIER, (4)=PRONOUN=NO-NO-NO, PRO=NO, NO=NO, UN=NO, (5)=POSITION=ALPHABET-SPELLING-LETTERS, WORD-TERM-MEANING, (6)=LODIAL=OWNERSHIP-POSSESSIVE, [ARTICLE], (7)=FACT, [NOUN=NO-NO], FOR THE PEN, FOR MY PEN, FOR YOUR PEN, FOR A PEN, OF THE PEN, OF MY PEM, OF YOUR PEN, BY THE PEN, BY MY PEN. ~5 FOR THE BONDED: QUO-WARRANTO-COMPLAINT OF THE SYNTAX-WORDING-EVIDENCE ARE WITH THE BORROWING-FRAUD-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-DEED-LANGUAGE WITH THE BANK-CUSTOMER’S-VICTIMIZED BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-FRAUD-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-MONEY-CONTRACT. ~6 FOR THE QUANTUM-MATH-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-COPYCLAIM OF THE DATE-~6-~APRIL-~1988-CLOSURE BY THE David-Wynn: Miller IS WITH THE CORRECTION-CLAIM OF THE PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR WITH THE TWENTY-NINE-GRADE-CORRECT-WRITING-LEVEL AS THE MATH-PROBLEM CAN BE WRITTEN-FOREWARD AND: CHECKED-BACKWARDS:(1+2=3,3-2=1, 2X3=6,6/3=2) WITH THE ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE, SIGN, CO-SIGN, TANGENT(TRIG). ~7 FOR ALL MATH-PROBLEMS OF ALL COUNTRIES ARE WITH THE SAME-VALUE-NUMBERS(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,) OF THE PEOPLES’-TRADING WITH THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD AND WITH THE NEVER-WARRING OVER THE MATH-PROBLEMS. ~8 FOR THE PROOF OF THE WRITING ARE WITH THE CORRECT-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR OF THE CORRECTION-CLAIM WITH THE TITLE-~42: D.-C.-C.-S.-~1986: KNOWLEDGE OF THE WRONG-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR AND WITH THE CORRECTION OF THE FRAUDULENT-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR WITH THE FEDERAL-POSTAL-JUDGE: David-Wynn: Miller’s-KNOWLEDGE and: CLAIMANTS. ~9 FOR THE JUDGES, ATTORNEYS, LAWYERS, BANKSTERS, TEACHERS &: POLITITIONS OF THE LYING-TOGETHER ARE WITH THE FRAUD-SYNTAX-PRACTICE-CRAFT OF THEIR FICTION-WORD-CRAFT WITH THE SLAVERY OF THE PEOPLE & WITH THE TAKING(STEALING) BY THE FRAUDULENT-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR WITH THE SCHOOLS-TEACHING-FRAUD-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR FOR THE BAR-COURT-HARVEST OF THE “ENGLAND, CANADA, NEW-ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, &: SOUTH-AFRICA”. “THE(ADVERB) UNITED(ADJECTIVE) STATES(PRONUON) OF(ADVERB) AMERICA(VERB-FICTION)”, AND WITH THE LOOKING AT THE MONEY-WORDING OF “THE U.S. of A”. ~10 FOR THE CHINEES-GOVERNMENT AND: 150-TRADING-PARTNERS ARE WITH THE TEACHING- CORRECT-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR OF THE SEPTEMBER-~2012-SCHOOL-YEAR AND: SOUTH-KOREA-~2007.(200-HOURS-SEMINAR-VIDEOS-FREE, TV, RADIO, WEB, DAVIDWYNNMILLERVIDEOS….SEARCH) ~11 WWW.DWMLC.COM-WEBSITE IS: WRITTEN &: READ BY THE FIVE-BILLION-STUDENTS IN THE 150-WORLD-LANGUAGES. > -----Original Message----- From: Nicolette To: DWMLAWPRO Cc: nicolette_b_2000 Sent: Thu, Feb 20, 2014 7:27 pm Subject: all home owners didnt get paid! **************************************************************************** Re: all home owners didnt get paid! Friday, February 21, 2014 3:02 PM From: "Nicolette" To: "Davidwynn Miller" Cc: I appreciate your quick response. Now that you have informed me as to what exactly happened to the money from your brokered deal with the banks do we as victims of Kamala Harris actions and this back door award from BO for cheating the homeowners, have any recourse to file against them, is this not an act of Malfeasance or an under handed unlawful act that we the people accosted by their actions can pursue and expose? if your answer is yes, can you point me in a right direction in order to pursue this recourse? my sincere gratitude is offered for any and all information that can be provided here that will help the over 4,000,000 of us here in california. thank you Alternative to drugs as of today: March 5, 2014 Fedural Judge David Wynn Miller has not responded to my Feb-21-2014 request. [as of today 04-28-15 Fedural Judge David Wynn Miller has not responded to my Feb-21-2014]

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