Sunday, October 26, 2014 Colloidal Silver Make your own: Use as an anti-biotic For the use of a natural antibiotic for both viral and bacterial. To Make the Colloidal Silver drink you will need: 1, Two Silver wires and they must be .9999 pure silver, about 4 inches long [or you can use a Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coin which is .9999 percent of silver, cut in half]. A set of two speaker wires with an alligator clip at each end or you can buy the snap on wires that snap onto a 9v battery, and add an alligator clip on one end. You can buy the wires pre-made at a hardware store or Radio Shack and you can find the wires of silver or silver coin either online or at a coin & jewelry store. NOTE: If you want to use a coin instead of the rods, Use only a Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coin, which is .9999 % pure silver. Or silver wire rods only if you can prove they are .9999 pure because it is unsafe to use anything else. A lesser number will have other metals included in the coin or rods and can cause a gray discoloring to your skin as well as cause a toxic reaction in your system. SO TAKE THIS CAUSION TO HEART AND DO NOT DISREGARD IT~! 2, One glass 8 to 10 oz. or a larger glass jar depending on the amount you need to make. 3, 3, 9-volt batteries or something with both a positive and negative post with an out put of 27 to 36 volts. If you are using the 3 9-volt batteries, you will need to connect them together by connecting one positive post to a negative post. To do this put two of the 9-volt batteries side by side with a negative post on one of them facing the positive post of the other one. Then with the third one hold it up above the two with the opposite posts. Push the one onto the posts of the two as if you were snapping two snaps together. It should look like a pyramid with one battery on top of the other two batteries. This will make an output of 27 volts. [Feel free to contact us if you are not clear on this or any section] There should be one positive post and one negative post exposed on each side of this unit. You will need to connect one of the wires to each post. At the other end of the wires you will need to clip a piece of silver to the alligator clip. The finished unit should be a pyramid with a wire either clipped or snapped onto each post and a rod or sliver of coin clipped onto each alligator clip at the other end. You can cut the silver coin with a pair of wire cutters. Hold the coin with a pair of pliers and pound out the coin with a hammer to make it easier to cut. It only takes a few minutes. Once it’s thin enough to cut with wire cutters, just cut through the coin once to make two halves. Then clip each half into one end of the alligator clip, the other end of the clip connects to the batteries. Or if you are using the rods just cut them to around 6" each and clip each rod onto one end of an alligator clip. Your unit should look like a pyramid with a clip at each exposed post and a piece of silver at each end of the alligator clips. Now you can use distilled water [do not use the store bought distilled water, which is kept in thin plastic containers because the water draws the formaldehyde out of the plastic and you don’t want that in your body. Only use the kind that is in a thick more hard plastic or in glass, or you can make your own]. Be sure to add a few grains of sea salt or tap water if there is some minerals in it. The water will not charge without some minerals in it. You will learn how much minerals you need to put into your water once you have tried to make a batch of colloidal silver water because if you don’t have enough minerals in the water nothing will happen, but when you do have enough the silver will stream off the coin or rods into the water. Note: you can simply use tap water that has been filtered well to remove any heavy metals, but the distilled water is better only because you are assured not to have any chemicals or heavy metals in it. The ratio parts per million (ppm) is measured by using an 8 to 10 oz glass of water, 27 volts of power, and one minute per one part per million of silver. So if I want 3.5 parts per million in an 8 to 10 oz glass I would run the 27 volts connected to the silver pieces for 3.5 minutes. And if I want 10 parts per million, I would run the same for 10 minutes. Now if I wanted to make a large batch I would need to increase the time by measuring the ounces to the above measurements. I.e. a 16 to 20 oz glass would run 7 minutes to make a batch at 3.5 parts per million or 16 to 20 minutes to make a batch at 10 parts per million. You don’t need to go any greater than 10 ppm. The 10 ppm, will kill on contact any virus or bacteria within 6 minutes after contact. And there are over 700 diseases that this will kill. You can do a research on the net to see just how many and what types of illnesses that Colloidal Silver will kill but be warned that there are lots of negative statements as well as positive statements for Colloidal Silver. If used correctly with the right % of silver you will not have any problems. But if you chose not to follow the correct directions as above then any problems you do encounter will be at your own fault. If you chose to ignore a red light then you risk being hit by on coming traffic. It is only by using wisdom and correct knowledge and the practice of truth do any of us succeed. How to make and use: Fill a glass near to the top with water, making sure the glass is clean first. Connect the batteries together as described above and connect the wires to the posts and the sliver pieces to the other end of the clips. Place the silver ends into the water at the top of the glass being sure not to touch the sliver pieces together as this will cause a closed circuit and do not let the clips enter the water. If the water has enough minerals in it, it will start the shedding of the silver right away. If not then you will need to add more minerals or tap water with minerals in it until you see the silver streaming off the coin pieces or the silver rods. At this point you will start the clock to the measured time for the ppm you want to achieve. Once the clock stops remove the negative post of the coin or rod piece from the water and allow the positive coin or rod piece to reclaim the overage; hold for just a moment or two. Then remove the coin or rod and wipe off the residue. Stir, and the water is now ready to drink. You can sip on this until you finish the cup or you can drink all in one sitting. But be advised that if there is a lot of die off (this is called die off because the cells will collect in your stomach and/or your intestines) from the illness you are destroying, you can feel nauseated. To help this run through your system quicker, simply drink extra water and if you need to do something more you can take three carrots and juice them. Drink this juice and it will stop the acid upset in your stomach. If you do not have a juicer then just eat a large carrot. It will have the same calming effect on your stomach acids. NOTE: Always take some acidophilus after taking or using any anti-biotic because the live enzymes in your intestines will also die and need to be replaced. FACTS: * Roman solders did not get sick because they kept their drinking water in a silver flask. * The wealthy during the Bubonic Plague did not become ill because they eat off silver utensils. Today in the impoverished countries around our world, they use Colloidal Silver as an anti-biotic because it is not only a fast way to ingest a safe anti-biotic but it is very inexpensive so everyone can afford to use it. It is also a very small unit to carry around and as long as you have access to some sort of power or energy you are able to make this natural source of mineral to kill off diseases. Always do your homework before trying any of the ideas in this book. You should always be aware of and understand what you are trying to accomplish before you attempt any form of health care. Also if you are currently taking a pharmaceutical drug always check with your healthcare provider to ensure that what you are attempting to do will not have an adverse interaction with what you are currently taking. Never think it would not matter, because you just never know. It is always better to be safe and not take an unnecessary risk. There are easy searches you can do from your Internet search engines or Libraries as well. Do take a little extra time to ensure you understand what you are attempting. SOARING SPIRIT© P.O. Box 978, Rio Linda, CA 95673-0978 916-358-6657 May your efforts be blessed to live the life that you intend to live~! Copyright © 1992-2014

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